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Original XIAOMI MIJIA Omni Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Automatic Up And Down Water Device Click to buy separately

Compared with the first generation of OMNI, XIAOMI MIJIA OMNI 2 has been upgraded in all aspects


* Please note that this product does not come with cleaning fluid, because the function of automatically adding cleaning fluid needs to be purchased separately for automatic water loading and unloading.


* Powerful Cleaning Techniques: The 6000Pa powerful fan can instantly remove dirt from gaps and corners, and the "Twist and Wipe" feature improves corner cleaning coverage by 75%.

* Automatic Mop Cleaning: The robot's strong water jets quickly soak and clean the mop, ensuring spotless and fresh floors without the need for hand washing.

* Optional Automatic Water Filling and Drainage System 2.0: The advanced water filling and drainage system automatically refills the water tank and cleans the sewage tank after mopping, offering added convenience.

* Detachable and Washable Cleaning Bracket: The cleaning bracket on the base can be easily detached for regular cleaning and maintenance, making the cleaning process more convenient.

* Smart Mop Lift: The robot's automatic mop lift during return to base prevents floor contamination and improves air drying efficiency.

* Upgraded Sweep First, Mop Later Mode: The robot offers four cleaning modes, including a sweep first, mop later mode, providing deep cleaning without mud mixing.

* Millimeter-Level Perception of Low Obstacles: Equipped with s-Crossm™ Broad Field of Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance, the robot skillfully avoids low obstacles and adjusts movements accordingly.

* LDS Laser Navigation: The robot's LDS laser navigation system accurately scans and maps the indoor environment, making whole-house cleaning more efficient.

* The new upgrade supports automatic collection of garbage, automatic cleaning of mops, automatic air-drying of mops, automatic addition of cleaning fluid and automatic water up and down (this function requires the purchase of automatic mountain water up and down device 2.0), to completely free your hands.

* 75 Days of Garbage-Free Operation: With 10-second dust collection and a large capacity dust bag, the robot can operate for up to 75 days without requiring manual dust disposal.

* 4L Super Large Water Tank: The robot features a large water tank, eliminating the need for frequent water refills and allowing it to wet mop an area of 500 square meters.


Managed Smart Vacuum and Mop, One Machine Takes Care of Whole House Floor Cleaning


Powerful Cleaning Techniques, Floors Sparkling Clean

Instantly Remove Gap Dirt: 6000Pa powerful fan
Edge cleaning function for cleaner corners: "Twist and Wipe" along the edges, improves corner cleaning coverage by 75%
Thoroughly Remove Stubborn Stains: High-speed rotating pressure mopping
Mop lift during return to base, avoiding floor contamination: Smart mop lift
Upgraded Sweep First, Mop Later: 4 cleaning modes to choose from


High-Powered Docking Station, Fully Automated Cleaning
Hands-Free Auto Cleaning: Automatically cleans the mop
Auto Water Refill and Drainage: Optional automatic water filling and drainage system 2.0
75 days of garbage-free operation: 10-second dust collection, quick emptying of the dust box
Say goodbye to water shortages: 4L super large water tank
Auto drying without sun-drying / Detachable and washable mop bracket / Auto detergent dispenser


Fast, Accurate, and Stable Obstacle Avoidance, No More Stuck Cleanings

Adapts to Cluttered Environments, Skillfully Avoids Obstacles
s-Crossm™ Broad Field of Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance, Better Detection of Low Obstacles


4L Super Large Water Tank, Wet Mop 500㎑, No More Water Worries

Equipped with a 4L super large water tank, no need to frequently add water for daily use, more worry-free operation. When the water tank is full, the robot can mop 500㎑ of the floor.


Automatic Mop Cleaning, No Hand Washing Needed, Spotlessly Clean

Strong water jets quickly soak the mop, rotating scrubbing, high-speed centrifugal drying, low-noise drying, effectively inhibiting mold and odor, keeping the mop fresh at all times.
Deep Cleaning | Daily Cleaning
Two cleaning modes, adjustable as needed


10-Second Automatic Dust Collection, 75-Day Trash-Free Operation

Dual Air Duct Circulation Dust Collection Design, 10-Second Quick Dust Emptying. Large Capacity Dust Bag, Enjoy 75 Days of No Dust Disposal, Keeping Your Hands Clean and Free.


The auto detergent dispenser function requires a separate purchase of the water filling and drainage system.

Detachable and Washable Cleaning Bracket, Easy Maintenance
The cleaning bracket on the base can be easily detached for regular cleaning and maintenance. It can also be rinsed with water through the Mi Home app, allowing for more convenient cleaning progress. The bracket can assist with water filling and water drainage, making cleaning easier.


Optional Automatic Water Filling and Drainage System 2.0, Solve Water Replacement Hassles

The all-new automatic water filling and drainage system eliminates the need for complex water replacement and water pouring. The new anti-overflow design prevents water spillage. After mopping, it automatically refills the water tank and cleans the sewage tank.
Auto Water Filling / Auto Water Drainage / Anti-Overflow Design / Auto Detergent Dispenser


6000Pa Powerful Fan, Instantly Remove Dirt from Gaps

Equipped with a flagship-level 6000Pa powerful fan, serving as a mobile dust collection center for the entire house. It instantly sucks up stubborn dust, hair, and dirt from floor gaps, furniture bottoms, and wall corners, efficiently completing the dust removal task.
Floating Rubber Bristle and Main Brush in One
Closely fits the ground, and the bristles can reach deep into floor gaps, effectively cleaning accumulated dust, cat litter, and pet hair. The soft material won't scratch the floor, making it suitable for hard floor cleaning in homes.


High-Speed Rotating Pressure Mopping, Stubborn Stains Gone in a Snap

Simulates manual pressure mopping, rotating 180 times per minute, effectively removing coffee stains, mud stains, and other stubborn dirt on the floor. When used with Mi Home All-Purpose Floor Cleaner, it achieves a 99.9%* sterilization rate, providing peace of mind for babies to play barefoot.
Simulated Manual Pressure Mopping / 99.9% Floor Sterilization


"Twist and Wipe" for 75% Improved Corner Cleaning Coverage

An enhanced corner cleaning experience with the "Twist and Wipe" feature. By twisting the robot, it can clean the corners more effectively, improving coverage and eliminating the need for manual touch-up cleaning.


Mi Home All-Purpose Floor Cleaner needs to be purchased separately from the official channels.

Smart Mop Lift, Prevent Secondary Floor Contamination
Automatic lift during return to base: No floor contamination
Automatic lift during air drying: Improves air drying efficiency
Automatic lift on carpeted areas: Sets carpeted areas for sweeping only


Upgraded Sweep First, Mop Later Mode, Deep Cleaning without Mud Mixing

Enhanced cleaning experience with four sweep and mop modes, ranging from standard to ultra-strong suction, meeting various cleaning needs for different rooms, making your home meticulously clean.
Sweep First, Mop Later: Simulates manual cleaning logic, sweep first, then mop, for deep cleaning
Mop Only: Wipes away kieep Only: Clears pet hair, debris, dust
Sweep and Mop Synchronously: Suitable for daily maintenance, more efficient in one step


LDS Laser Navigation, 360° Full House Scanning, Intelligent Planning and Cleaning

The all-new LDS laser navigation system scans the indoor environment accurately in 360°, quickly builds a map of your home layout, intelligently plans the cleaning path, and makes whole-house cleaning more efficient.
Fast Mapping / Full-House Cleaning Plan / Multi-Floor Maps / Resumes Cleaning from Breakpoint


Millimeter-Level Perception of Low Obstacles, Nimble Like a Cat

Equipped with S-Crossm™ Broad Field of Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance System, with a wide-angle perception to avoid low obstacles skillfully, even in dimly lit environments.
Low Obstacle Spaces, Early Predictions: Avoids rash movements and getting stuck
Stairs Ahead, Timely Retreat: Sensing changes in height, avoids falling downstairs


Mi Home App Remote Control, Custom Cleaning Programs at Your Fingertips

Even when you are away from home, you can remotely command the robot to vacuum and mop the living room, bedroom, or kitchen floor. Simply tap the Mi Home app to start the vacuuming and mopping process instantly.


Full-House Smart Device Linkage, AI Interaction, Better Understanding of Your Needs

Connect to the Mi Home app and link with other Xiaomi smart devices, such as door locks and air purifiers. The robot can start cleaning automatically when you leave home and activate the air purifier to enjoy a customized cleaning experience throughout your house.


More Thoughtful Considerations, More User-Friendly Experience

Narrow Base Doesn't Take Up Space: Suitable for Various House Layouts
5200mAh Large Battery: Easily Handles Large House Cleaning
Child Lock Function: Prevents Accidental Touch by Children and Pets
OTA Upgrades: The More You Use, the Smarter It Gets


Packing list

host x1
Almighty base x1 (including dust bag, clean water tank, sewage tank, cleaning bracket)
Base ramp extension pad x1
Main brush x1
Main brush cover x1 (installed)
Dust box x1 (installed)
Filter x1 (installed on the dust box)
Mop x2 (installed on the mop bracket)
Mop bracket x2
Side brush x1
power cord x1
Manual x1


XIAOMI MIJIA OMNI 2 Robot Vacuum Cleaners


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