Fitness Pilates Bar

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Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands. Fitness Bar with Ab Roller for Abs Workout. Squat Machine.Core Strength Training Equipment.Portable Home Gym for Men and Women

【The Ultimate Pilates Bar Kit】 all-in-one home workout machine enables a full-body workout and can be easily customized at beginner to advanced intensity levels. Equipped with 4 durable resistance bands (120LBS) to meet the intensity of training. Its unique structure allows it to be turned into a high-strength and safe fitness machine. Maximize the results of your workout.
【Portable Gym】 With the Pilates bar, you can complete more than 30 different workouts. We have three detachable bars, ab rollers, resistance bands and ankle bands and handles, door anchors. With the hotwave drawstring bag, you can take it to the office, the park, the gym, and the outdoors to tone your arms, chest, abs, glutes, legs, and butt. By simulating a variety of fitness equipment for professional training, squat, bench press, bend, rowing, etc
【Workout System for Anyone】With our adjustable straps on both ends of the bar, you can easily do squats that are appropriate for your height or barbell strength. Can meet the intensity of more lower body exercises, such as squats, leg raises and stretches. Help you shape your body, build muscle and lose weight. This home exercise equipment is suitable for women and men.
【Unique Exercise System】 can not only meet the upper and lower body exercise, but also can target core muscle strength training. In particular, with the belly roller system, you can easily upgrade your abs with the cushioning protection of resistance bands, creating a perfect muscular line that no other Pilates bar can offer. This can only be done with our unique three-bar structure. This is the real ALL- IN -ONE system!



SET A: 11PCS/SET-100lb

Suitable for teenagers and women

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