Anti Snoring Bruxism Sleeping Mouth Guard



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Brand new and high quality.
Materials:thermoplastic copolymer.
Size (app):6.3m X 5cm – 2.48inch x 1.97inch.
Package Included
2/4 Teeth Whitening Trays
Self made heat curing molding of dental whitening denture accessories
Made of imported medical food grade silicone, it is safe, non-toxic, and has no side effects;
Method of making dental braces:
1. Soak the dental support in warm water at around 70 degrees Celsius for 10-15 seconds to soften it. Be careful not to use hot water that is too hot at 90 degrees Celsius, as this can cause the dental support to wrinkle into a ball. When you see the edge of the dental support wrinkling, you can remove it;
2. Put the softened dental support into your mouth, put on the gums, suck and expel the air between the dental support and the gums, and use your hands to firmly press the joint surface between the dental support and the gums back and forth to make it closely fit with the gums. The dental support made in this way is suitable for the shape of your teeth. Pay attention to the speed, but do not bite hard;
3. After pressing it with your hand, hold it for about half a minute, and at this time, you can remove the already shaped dental tray;
4. Along the gingival line (the line between the teeth and the gums) stamped on the already shaped dental holder, use scissors to cut off the excess material, and cut off the handle at the same time. At this time, the dental holder is completed. Cutting off the part above the gingival line can make the gel only contact with the teeth to avoid damaging the gums
be careful:
1.If the dental bracket is not made well at once, the second shaping can be repeated until satisfactory;
2. Before and after using the dental support, please rinse it with clean water;
3. The replacement time for dental braces is 3-4 months, the same as for toothbrushes;
The first time you wear a dental brace, you will definitely feel uncomfortable. Just stick to it a few more times and get used to it
Making method is as follows
1. Exercise wear dentures: wear the tray to the upper gum, sucking method using exhaust air between the denture and the gums, making the denture can wrap the entire surface of the tooth row. (Twice repeated practice, which is an important process of making tray The lower tray in the same way to practice)
2. Softening tray: the 80 °C water into the ground vessel, water depth to be able to handle removed after immersion tray and leave in the water outside is appropriate, the denture immersed in water 5 to 7 seconds. (Denture very soft at the moment, so the immersion time not too long, soft denture made in elongation, slightly starts to deform appropriate)
3. Make mouthpiece: mouthpiece made carefully and quickly put on the tooth gum, sucking law continue to do step 1. Finger pressed denture tooth bonding surface, making it thinner, while the top tight tongue and teeth denture inner surface. (Faster, be careful not to bite hard. Mouthpiece a little hot, but it will not cause any harm)
The trim tray: Remove the tray finger pressed after 10-15 seconds, rinse with water. Imprint along the tray out of the gum line (that line between the teeth and gums) with scissors to cut the excess material, and finally cut off the handle. (Cut above the gum line section, it can only make contact with the tooth gel, avoid stimulating the gums)



Anti Snoring Bruxism Sleeping Mouth Guard


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