Multifunctional Portable Deep Cleaning Washing Machine


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You are very welcome to visit us. If you purchase the black version, we will provide you with a suitable plug adapter. If you buy the silver version we will provide you with the default eu plug type. Black is the Chinese version and silver is the international version. The functionality is exactly the same, but the plug type is different. For cleaning fluid. Due to customs restrictions, we can only send to certain areas. If you need please contact us to confirm.

BISSELL carpet fabric deep cleaning machine pro Main feature

* High suction power for deep cleaning: With a suction power of 14500Pa, it can deeply clean a surface area of 5㎑, and quickly remove stains from inside fabric.

* Two types of brush heads: It comes with multiple brush heads that can be used for different cleaning scenarios.

* Powerful water flow for bacteria removal: The strong water flow shakes the fabric to remove tiny bacteria and algae, while the high suction power instantly sucks them away for thorough cleaning and bacteria removal.

* One-touch refresh with spray, brush, and suction: Spray to dissolve stains, brush to remove debris, and suction to clean the bottom layer, all with just one touch.

* 750W high-power motor for strong performance: It delivers a suction power of 14500Pa for thorough cleaning.

* 6.7m power cord + 1.5M hose use radius, can clean more range

BISSELL carpet fabric deep cleaning machine pro

Introducing the BISSELL Carpet and Fabric Deep Cleaning Machine.
Get a thorough clean that goes beyond the surface.

Experience superior quality and excellent reviews. This time, get a deeper clean!

Powerful suction for internal cleaning. 14,500Pa suction power that can cover 5 square meters of surface.
Large water tank for extended use. 2.8L clean water tank and 2.2L dirty water tank.
Two brush heads for versatility. Clean large or small areas quickly and effectively.


Most cleaning only scratches the surface!

Still struggling with pet stains and odors?
Stubborn stains that won't go away?
Deep-seated dust mites?


Strong pressure and suction for internal cleaning is the key to a truly clean surface.

14,500Pa suction power penetrates deep into the bottom layers of your fabric, quickly removing stains, new or old.quickly removing the stains inside the fabric


Effective disinfection and dust mite removal for a thorough deep clean.

Powerful water flow quickly shakes fabrics, while strong suction instantly removes bacteria and dust mites. A single step for thorough cleaning and disinfection.


One spray, two brushes, and three suction options for a refreshingly clean surface.

Three steps to quickly disintegrate stains, inhale while cleaning, while removing internal dirt, it can also absorb bacteria and mites inside
1. Press and spray water to dissolve stains
2. Brush to remove stubborn dirt without damaging the material
3.750W motor sucks out mites and bacteria deeply


Tough cleaning jobs that washing machines can't handle are no match for this machine.

Indoor or outdoor, it can clean anything.


750W motor delivers powerful cleaning action.

Strong suction power reaches 14,500Pa to provide a thorough and deep clean.


Quick suction and dehydration saves time.

High-pressure penetration softens stains, while powerful suction and a short drying time means you can use it again in no time.


Dual brush heads for versatility.

Small brush head for precision cleaning, and a large brush head for quick and effective cleaning. 15cm and 8cm wide brush heads.

Extended use range for whole-house cleaning without having to move around.
6.7m power cord and 1.5m hose for a wider range of use.


Twice the water capacity for uninterrupted cleaning.

2800ml water tank for less frequent refills.


Additional details

Separate cleaning of dirt and water.
Easy to store.


More detailed design

Water purification and sewage separation design
More convenient storage


Packing list

1. Machine host *1
2. Standard brush head *1
3. Widened brush head *1


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